DCA Imaging Systems serves the DC metro area with a tenured management team, an experienced sales group, and highly skilled, certified technicians.

Our recipe for success is serving business customers honorably and ethically.

Taylor Street Office

“It Is Simply Service That Measures Success.”

-George Washington Carver

Quality lasts; consistency is priceless; and the pursuit of excellence never goes out of style.

DCA Imaging is a Prince George’s County based MBE enterprise. Back in 1963, the founders, Doug and Nancy Scarborough, began providing photocopiers, service, and supplies to DC Metro area businesses. They served customers honorably and ethically, meeting and exceeding expectations. They had no idea that 57 years and two generations later, DCA would still be exceeding customer expectations! After her husband’s death, Nancy’s son, Vince, helped her move DCA forward while keeping the values, goals and mission of the company intact.

In the seven years following their becoming authorized Sharp dealers, they were awarded seven consecutive Hyakuman Kai awards for outstanding sales achievement and service to the community; identifying them as one of the industry’s best. Retaining over 98% of customers has made DCA a premier sales organization with Sharp, Konica Minolta, HP, Brother, and Lexmark.

As one of Sharp Electronics’ Top 20 dealers in America, DCA continues the fast track of growth and success with double digit, organic growth year after year—the direct result of commitment to customer service and best practices. Today, a third generation of family team members carry on the original vision and legacy of their founders.